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School funding: PV media comment

The Herald-Sun published an article about school funding today, headed “Leading private schools have millions in funds while state schools wait for basic upgrades”.

According to the article, “The wealthiest 20 Victorian secondary schools have more than $1 billion between them – splashing out on indoor aquatic centres, wellbeing centres and high-tech classrooms. In comparison, the poorest 20 schools have a paltry $2.2m combined in capital funds accrued over three years.”

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article.  Gail said:

“Victorian government school students … have been underfunded for over 20 years”.

“They (the state government) must meet their commitment to completely fund a quality education for all the students in our government schools,” Ms McHardy said. “How can it be an equal playing field when a student’s learning environment and support are so variable between and within school sectors?”


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