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School camps under threat

Schools may be forced to either cancel their camps or request extra fees from parents in 2023, because of unfunded changes to teachers’ conditions. As from 2023, teachers who go away on school camps will be entitled to time-in-lieu for the extra time they spend on camp. However there is no extra funding for the time in lieu, so Principals are facing a difficult choice – find the extra money in already-tight budgets, or hope they can recover the cost from parents.
Nine News reported on this issue on 24 October, with a comment from PV Chief Executive Officer Gail McHardy. Gail said, “We need to be very clear when these types of employee arrangements are made that they are fully costed and funded to ensure they can deliver.”

The issue was also covered by the Age on 28 November. The article gives the example of Viewbank Primary School, which recently told parents it expected to cancel grade 3 and 4 camps in 2023.

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