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( Download this list as a PDF )

  • Continue a DET Common Funding Agreement with Parents Victoria for full term of their Government
  • Invest in and promote Family Engagement in Victorian Public Schools by funding
    Family Engagement Officers
  • Commit to fairer funding for our Public Schools to bring Victoria up to the national average
    Commit to Public Schools having access to other nearby Private School government funded facilities
    at little or no cost
  • Prioritise school maintenance and the building of new schools for the neediest school communities
    in a fair and transparent manner
  • Attend urgently to the needs of our Rural and Remote School Communities
    Continue and extend support resources and services of the Independent Office of School Dispute
    Resolution for families and schools
  • Retain and resource the DET Central Complaints Team to support schools and families in addressing
  • Fund and promote outreach service programs for schools who don’t have access to local services or
  • Further assist students from families facing disadvantage to fully participate in their education
  • At minimum continue the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) for eligible families but ideally
    restoring a similar scheme to the EMA.
  • Resource the DET and the Victorian State Regulators (VIT; VRQA and CCYP) to meet Government
    expectations on Child Safety Standards in our school’s post State Inquiry and Royal Commissions to
    meet the demand on their services as a result
  • Commit to supporting LGBTIQ+ students, teachers & families
  • Continue and strengthen the Marrung Plan and access to Aboriginal Languages and Culture in the
    Victorian Curriculum
  • Be consultative with education stakeholders
    Continue with existing educational programs and student support services where they are working well
    in school communities
  • Commit to seeing students/families are no longer excluded from their education, based on schools not
    having the support services required to cater for them (PV see this all too often)
  • Commit to making sure future school governance obligations are met with the required induction and
    training for parent volunteers to be attracted, sustained and supported in the role of a school councillor
  • Promote, recognise and support parent volunteers in Parent Clubs to continue their substantial
    voluntary goodwill in supporting our schools
  • Commit to reducing the impacts of rising school costs and financial expectations on families to pay for
    the shortfall in budgets of Public Schools to deliver a quality public education
  • Maintain the current rule that Special Religious Instruction (SRI) is only offered in Public Schools if
    scheduled outside of the regular curriculum timetable
  • Ensure all students, irrespective of class, race, disability, culture, sexual orientation or gender should,
    as a result of schooling, have access to knowledge and skills which will enable them to control their
    own lives and to collectively participate in shaping society
  • It is the responsibility of governments and school systems to ensure that students from
    educationally disadvantaged groups experience success in schooling by developing
    appropriate structures which enable the participation of parents and students in
    curriculum and school organisations.
  • Parents Victoria expects the newly elected Victorian Government to continue with
    existing successful programs and not waste dollars on more education reviews or
    rebranding initiatives for their own political agendas.

( Download this list as a PDF )



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