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Parents, it’s time to take action!

Now you know the facts, it is time to take action on school funding, while state and federal governments negotiate their bilateral funding agreements.

Need more background? See our School Funding page.

Here’s what you can do.

Sign up to the For Every Child campaign

Join 93,696 others in supporting this nationwide campaign. The more supporters they have, the more governments have to listen.

C’mon Victorians let’s get it over 100,000!

Sign up now at

Share on social media

Follow/like Parents Victoria and For Every Child on Facebook and Threads, and share our posts with your networks.

Tell the politicians

Phone, email or text – however you do it, let the politicians know that parents care about school funding.

  • Victorian Education Minister Ben Carroll – contact details including phone number on Ben’s website.
  • Federal Education Minister Jason Clare – contact details on Parliament website (if phoning, call the Parliament  Office rather than the Electorate Office).
  • Your local State MP. If you don’t know who your State MP is, use the Victorian Parliament ‘Find a member’ page.
    Click “Search by” and select “Location Search”. (Contact your Legislative Assembly member – shown in green in the search results.)
  • Your local Federal MP. If you don’t know who your Federal MP is, find them with the Postcode Search on the OpenAustralia website.

You may also like to post a comment on the politicians’ social media pages. State your case firmly, but always keep your comments polite and respectful – people are much more likely to read and consider your message.

Key messages

  • All public schools need to be funded to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard.
  • Parents shouldn’t have to fundraise for essentials.
  • It’s unfair that public schools are under-funded while private schools are over-funded.
  • This year, they have a chance to make a historic decision and provide proper funding for the government school system that educates the vast majority of disadvantaged and vulnerable students.
  • Speak from your own experience – tell them what funding shortfalls mean for you and your children.

Call talkback radio

If you can find an open-line talkback radio show, or you hear a discussion about schools on the radio – give them a call!

You could use the “Key messages” in the above list, and write down your own points before you call so you don’t forget them. If you get nervous on-air, focus on talking to the radio host as if they’re the only person listening, and you want to make your points to them.

Get others involved

  • Get your school and Parent Club involved. You could pass a resolution at a meeting, share Parents Victoria/For Every Child information via your club newsletter, or put one of our posters on your noticeboard – if you have one.
  • Encourage friends, family and colleagues to get active too.
  • We have printable posters to help you get the word out.



Here are four small flyers you can print and use to get the message out. Put up on noticeboards and hand them around! Each has a bold message on the front and detailed facts and figures on the back to support the message.

A4 flyer, “Fully fund public schools” (PDF, 2 pages) Opens in new tab

A4 flyer, “Money matters in education”, (PDF, 2 pages) Opens in new tab

A4 flyer, “Fundraisers are for extras, not essentials” (PDF, 2 pages) Opens in new tab

A4 flyer, “No more funding tricks”, (PDF, 2 pages) Opens in new tab


These images are 1080 pixels square – perfect for social media or pasting into an email! Right-click (or tap & hold on a phone or tablet) and select “Save image as…”




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