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Parent Consultation – sexuality resources

Parents Victoria and the Department of Education and Training are providing an opportunity for parents to give their input to a planned refresh and update of the Catching On F-10 Sexuality Resources.

We are running two online consultation sessions via Zoom. Choose whichever is most convenient for you:

  • Wednesday 26 October, 7.30 pm
  • Thursday 27 October,11.30 am


Much has changed in the sexuality education area over the past 10 years. The introduction of consent education, laws to address social media and the need to be inclusive of all our students has seen mandatory changes in these areas. These consultations are to provide parents with the context for these changes and importantly, to gather their insights into the direction of proposed changes .

DET has assembled a team to update the existing Catching On F-10 sexuality education resources:

Aim of the update

The aim of the updated materials is to address new and emerging issues in sexuality education, such as consent, use of social media, pornography, new forms of contraception and other issues relevant to young people’s contemporary experiences of sex and relationships. The updates also aim to:

  • Incorporate reproductive and menstrual health, including addressing stigma, pain and management of periods.
  • Provide guidance for teachers on the implementation of both Victorian Respectful Relationships teaching program and Catching On materials.
  • Ensure the content, language and activities are inclusive and accessible, considering the diversity of Victorian children and young people, including:
    • Students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
    • Students with disabilities
    • LGBTIQ+ students
    • The intersectionality of these identities.

To ensure that resources meet the needs of the children and young people, DET is also consulting with the Victorian sexuality education sector, which includes school-based and community people  (i.e. wellbeing staff, community health, academics, parents, NGOs, Koori Education Support etc).  The project is envisaged to be completed by the end of 2022.

Please register for this opportunity to give your valuable feedback.   

Register for Wed 26 October 7:30pm


Register for Thu 27 October 11:30am

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