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Overfunding of wealthy private schools

Three of Australia’s wealthiest private schools got double the federal funding they were entitled to last year, according to an article in the Guardian.

The article covers three Sydney schools; Northern Beaches Christian school, St Augustine’s College and MLC school. According to the article, the schools “…were funded at 171%, 160% and 158% of the SRS respectively, about double the 80% they should have received from the commonwealth. That equated to about $13.6m of overfunding in a single year.”

And it’s not just those three schools; the article goes on:

Figures outlined in a Senate estimates briefing released under freedom of information legislation show four in 10 (1,150) private schools were overfunded by the commonwealth in excess of the agreed 80% level last year, to the tune of $2.5bn.

And all this is while “…public schools’ total funding – from the commonwealth and states and territories – averaged just 92% of the SRS.”

That’s why we need to tell the politicians – this must stop! School funding should be fair and equitable, and all public schools should be funded to 100% of the SRS.
See our funding campaign page for how you can have your say.

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