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Parents are shirking the responsibility of disciplining their kids, turning teachers into makeshift mums and dads.  Herald Sun  January 30, 2012  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, quoted.

Gail also posted the following to "comments on this story":

"Unless I live on another planet, the young people I get to meet & know are reasonable & respectful. In my work and volunteering capicity in education I get to meet the variety of good & not so good members of our school communities.  As a parent myself I agree we need to enforce boundaries, have rules, instill responsibility and respect in our children inside & outside of home/school.  It is critical that this approach is supported and consistent in our child's environment.  Unfortunately as our society changes with so many other contributing factors (family breakdown, socio economic pressures, technology advancement) these fundamental family principles are being compromised or affected.  2012 school year was kicked off this year meeting some very committed young people at the vicSRC representing students from govt & non govt sector and their parents should be incredibly proud.  Need to remind each other don't put everyone in the same box or allow your experiences to jade your view - it's imperative we all try harder!"


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