Photo: teacher and child using computerWho Can Join?

Parents Victoria has 3 classes of membership:

Why Become a Member?

benefits of membershipAs a member you can have your say by shaping Parents Victoria policy. Policy is made at an annual conference attended by representatives of member clubs, individual and associate members. Any member can propose new policy.

Parents Victoria encourages parents to come together to ask questions, share views, and learn from each other. Member schools may become part of local networks called Regional Networks which meet regularly and organise activities for parents.

Parents Victoria enhances the work of schools by promoting the active involvement of parents. Children learn better when their parents take a part in their education. Active parents enrich school life and extend the community ownership of public schools.

Members receive:

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Why You Need Parents Victoria Now More than Ever

KidsSchools are competing to attract students. As competition increases people are less likely to share ideas or solutions to problems across schools. As schools become more isolated parents and their parents clubs need an organisation which extends beyond the boundaries of their own school to help them get the 'big picture'.

Competition for students means that schools face new budget priorities. There is a natural pressure for schools to spend on facilities which can be easily seen and which make schools more attractive. However, it is often the things which cannot easily be seen which make schools excellent!

Through the group effort of its members Parents Victoria is able to share an overview of developments and issues across the state.
Parents Victoria is affiliated with the Australian Council of State School Organisations and through its links with interstate affiliates extends this overview to cover national and international developments.