Associate Members (Friends of Parents Victoria) are people or organisations who support public education and believe in the right of parents to participate in their children's education. Friends of Parents Victoria provide support to further the work of Parents Victoria.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join!
Membership is open to anyone who supports the views of Parents Victoria and is willing to join the fight for high quality public education which is available to all.

With the current challenges to public education, Parents Victoria needs all the friends it can get! Parents Victoria wants to promote public education with the wider community. The organisation has long enjoyed the friendship and support of past members, academics and workers in the education and community sectors.

Friends of Parents Victoria

We hope Friends of Parents Victoria will help to consolidate existing relationships with organisations and individuals and provide an avenue for new relationships to grow and prosper. We want to harness some of the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of the many supporters of Parents Victoria.

Parents Victoria believes the work we do would be further enhanced by ready access to a pool of people with a capacity to offer occasional support in a range of areas. We hope that our Friends will use their other networks and contacts to extend the education debate even further. Parents Victoria is open to suggestions regarding the roles Friends might have. Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas we haven't included.

Parents Victoria looks forward to your support and would appreciate you telling your friends and colleagues about Friends of Parents Victoria.

What Do Friends Get?

  • Annual subscription to our regular newsletter Parents Voice 
  • Copies of occasional papers and reports produced by Parents Victoria
  • Invitation to Annual Conference
  • Parents Victoria Annual Report
  • The opportunity to participate in activities organised by Parents Victoria

Friends will not be entitled to voting rights at Parents Victoria Annual Conference or membership of the State Executive.

How to join

Fill in our membership form

Membership is by calendar year. 

The annual membership fee is $30 including GST.


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Membership of Parents Victoria should be a priority action

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