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Why parents and carers matter: podcast

This podcast from the Public Education Foundation focuses on partnerships between schools and families. How do we improve and strengthen these partnerships?

The podcast aims to identify some of the barriers to family engagement, such as cultural and linguistic diversity or socio-economic backgrounds, and present some ways to overcome these challenges for the benefit of students and families.

We visit one school that has a unique “School as community centre” program that creates strong relationships with families well before their children start attending school.

The host is David Hetherington and the guests are:

  • Donna McGeary & Eleni Mavridis-Kontakos from Punchbowl Public School
  • Di Giblin, CEO of ACSSO
  • Barbara Barker, Senior Researcher at ARACY

This podcast is one of a series titled Hands Up, covering a range of public education issues such the future of teaching, consent education and inequity in the education system.

A transcript is also available.

Listen to the podcast

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