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Video lecture: principles of RbE

This conversation was originally recorded in 2022 as part of a Monash University Faculty of Education Master’s level unit: “Promoting and sustaining social and emotional learning in educational contexts.”

It was made for trainee teachers but also serves as an engaging introduction to Relationship based Education for the general public.

In the video we hear from:

  • John Hendry OAM, originator of Relationship based Education
  • Kristin Reimer PhD, Senior Lecturer at Monash University School of Education, Culture and Society
  • Gail McHardy, CEO of Parents Victoria

John covers the basic principles of Relationship based Education: Trust, Forgiveness, Integrity, Hope, Compassion. He also discusses how teachers can establish trust with students. He emphasises the importance of getting to know the child’s family.

Thanks to Kristin Reimer for permission to share this video.

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