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Tips to help families cope during lockdowns

Video recording of a University of Melbourne webinar on 30 August 2021 with a panel of psychologists, health experts and families.

Here are some key points we gathered from the webinar:

  • It’s important for the parents/carers to set the emotional tone: ‘alert’ vs ‘alarmed’
  • Adults need to be optimistic where able, keep up a message of hope
  • Adults ‘put on your own oxygen masks first’  i.e. make sure you are OK so you can support others
  • Having a daily schedule/routine is essential for work/learning/play and eating
  • Research says structure helps, and it’s even better if you factor in special or fun at-home activities for children/young people as a treat/surprise event (ie family board game, family bike ride or whatever is permissible within current restrictions)
  • Covid impact is not within our control, so the medical/mental health practitioners emphasised parents need to be very self-aware when overloaded, having some ‘time out’ even if it’s to listen to some music, getting in the garden, ringing a friend to off-load.

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