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Stronger Schools campaign

Parents Victoria is a supporter of the Stronger Schools campaign.

Why do we need strong schools?

  • Strong schools are inclusive and supportive of every student and every family. Without the right support, students are at risk of increasing disengagement that can lead to a lifetime of social, economic and health problems.
  • Strong schools rely on support from government, in terms of funding, resources, training and policy settings. No principal or teacher can give children what they need unless they get this support. Right now, they aren’t getting enough.
  • Stronger schools are better for children, better for families and better for the whole community.
  • The Stronger Schools campaign is asking all Victorian parties and politicians to adopt our campaign platform. We believe that all Victorian schools should be stronger schools and that all Victorian children should get a fair start in life.

An action plan for inclusive education

  • Make public education affordable for every Victorian family
  • Increase resources and support to disadvantaged students and their schools
  • Boost funding and support to students with disability
  • Give teachers and school staff the tools, training and resources they need to support all students
  • Give students a greater voice in shaping their own education
  • Make sure every student is healthy, resilient and supported to participate fully in school
  • Keep students and families connected to education
  • Welcome and support children and young people back into education

Read more on Stronger Schools website

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