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Simple things for parents to do

Finding the positive

Find, as parents and as students, three good things about the day and individually write them down and briefly explain what was good about them. Then share them with each other. This is the ‘what went well’ exercise. This is a scientifically proven uplifter of mood and prepares a positive path to the next day (and a good night’s sleep).


Gratitude exercises are important. Ask the question ”What should we be grateful for today?” List three and record them.
You might like to record 1 & 2 in a journal
These should be done for the week and could even be posted in the fridge for all to see.


In moments of anxiety, all need to be mindful. Relax together and do a one or two minute mindfulness exercise. All ages can do this. There are plenty of mindfulness resources on the internet.

‘Brain breaks’ are important!

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