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Positive learners mindset

“A Positive Learner’s Mindset requires a positive, trusting relationship between teacher and student. This is the art of great teaching: to reframe tasks, create support that overrides fear, develop a sense of success, encourage the mastery of tasks. The presence of a Positive Learners Mindset increases engagement in learning, motivation and academic success. It relates to how students see themselves and how others view them as they attempt new tasks, make mistakes and learn new skills. In this way, a positive learners Mindset relates directly to the cultures in both classrooms and schools.”

This article explores the ‘Positive Learners Mindset’ mental health framework developed by Resilient Youth Australia in collaboration with the University of South Australia.
The Positive Learners Mindset classifies students into one of four domains:

  1. Anxious
  2. Disengaged
  3. Anxious & Disengaged
  4. Resilient (Ready to Learn)

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