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Free learn-to-read books

Two highly successful learn-to-read book series, Suzie the Scientist and Millie the Mathematician are now available free for parents.

The books are published by Griffith University, and have previously been available only to schools.

As Australians move to online learning modes, the university is helping parents of pre-K to Year 3 students by:

  1. removing the costs to purchase their interactive e-books on the Apple i-bookstore. This applies to 48 titles across both the Suzie the Scientist and Millie the Mathematician learn-to-read book series (i.e. 24 titles in each)
  2. providing free access to the online, interactive versions of all 48 titles
  3. providing free access to the video book version of all 48 titles


Read and download the books free on Griffith University website

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