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Family Engagement Officers in schools

One strategy for increasing family engagement that has worked in many schools is to employ a dedicated Family Engagement Officer. On this page we give some examples of how this works, including a two case studies from Victorian schools and a detailed research project from Glenroy College.

How Family Engagement Officers can make it work

Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) discusses the value of dedicated Family Engagement Officers in schools.

Case study – Cranbourne West Primary School

Cranbourne West Primary School’s Parent & Community Liaison Officer describes her role at the school.

Case study – Whittington Primary School

This video, featuring Whittington PS Community Engagement Officer Dori Ellington, was presented at our “Brave New World” 2020 Online Conference. See also a parent perspective from Jade Millman, a parent at the school.

Case study – Glenroy College

Glenroy College in Melbourne’s northern suburbs conducted a research project to gauge the impact of having an Engagement Project Officer in the school. The project found significant benefits for student outcomes, including literacy and numeracy, and particular benefits for disengaged and at-risk students.

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