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Fair Funding Now campaign

Parents Victoria is a supporter of the Fair Funding Now campaign.

Fair Funding Now is a community of parents, teachers, principals, school support staff and citizens, working together to speak up and demand fair funding of public schools.

Fair Fundinng Now believes all schools should be properly resourced to meet the unique needs of every child and help them reach their potential. We’re speaking up against the Federal government’s inequitable education policy that will leave 99% of public schools below the minimum level of funding required to meet the educational needs of children.

In 2018, Parents Victoria was a signatory to a letter supporting fairer funding for our schools and was one of the 23 organisations and more than 6,000 individuals who responded by joining the AEU in sending a clear message to the State and Territory Education Ministers and the Federal Education Minister to stand up for “Fair Funding Now” for public schools.

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