Parents Voice in Government School Education

Endorsement: Yuen Pang

(Co-Founder, Guangzhou Happy Seeds Education Centre)

During the past two years I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work very closely with John Hendry to bring the best of positive education to parents, teachers and children (“the whole community”) in Hong Kong and China.

Keeping things simple is a message that John believes is the best approach. His ability to translate and communicate positive psychology concepts in a way which is  understandable and applicable to his audience is second to none; at the end of each session, those in attendance always ask when John is next in town. 

John’s care about children can be evidenced from his insight and belief that Positive Education needs to be taken to the next level and that “relationships’ sit at the core of everyone. 

I have been mentored by John and had the chance to share his thinking with parents in Hong Kong and they have also been astounded that something as “simple” as relationships has such a profound effect on our own and others’ ability to perform at their best. 

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