Parents Voice in Government School Education

Endorsement: Scott McCumber

(Principal, Ocean Grove Primary School)

Since John Hendry brought Relationship based Education into our school, it has strengthened my conviction that relationships are centrally important in education, for students, parents, teachers and school leadership.

RbE has given us all a framework to understand and develop quality relationships, to make our school function better as a place of learning and caring.

We are developing an understanding across the whole school community that relationship reparation is the most effective response when mistakes are made, rules are broken, or relationships damaged. This is a challenge to the old way of thinking based on punishment, which tends to create a cycle of resentment and disengagement. Relationship reparation helps us to forgive, to move forward and to restore hope.

RbE has helped us to create a great learning community at our school, based on quality relationships at all levels.


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