Parents Voice in Government School Education

Endorsement: Sally Cheah-Johnson

(Assistant Principal, John Monash Science School)

Over the last two years John Hendry has supported John Monash Science School in its development of Positive Education. John’s passion, leadership and willingness to provide his time and energy to support us at JMSS are most inspirational and appreciated. One of our Strategic Plan goals is to introduce Positive Education into the school’s teaching and learning practice and into the school’s culture. Our school undertook the Resilient Youth Survey early in 2017. I invited John and his partner from the Resilient Youth organization to help us in the analysis of the data. That was my first meeting with John Hendry. The extent of his knowledge on Positive Psychology is remarkable. John later made a presentation to our teaching and support staff on our Curriculum Day in July 2017. His 3-hour presentation was most engaging. The whole staff was captivated with his knowledge and his great sense of humour. Our staff wanted to listen more, even after a 3-hour presentation. Group activities enabled every person to participate, with the focus always being on how to build resilience in young people, as well as helping young people to build self-empowerment that will enrich them throughout their lives. John’s presentations (2017, 2018 and 2019 Workshops) were always encouraging because he inspired every teacher in the room that building positive psychology in young people is not only “do-able” but for all of us to realise that it is indeed the role of all educators. I now have an inspired staff who are now very motivated to work on strategies of Positive Education to help build resilience in our young people!

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