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For advice and support

If you need advice, help or support with a school or Parent Club issue, please fill in our online
Request for Support form (below). 

Please note: Parents Victoria does not provide direct health, legal or financial advice.

For administrative enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about Parents Victoria (including sponsorship and advertising enquiries), please use our office email:

Email our office

If the above link doesn't work for you, just email us at: office email2


Our phone number is the same for all types of enquiry.

We will always take your call if we can and you are welcome to leave a message.
However our staff time is limited and you may find it more convenient to put your enquiry into an email. We check emails at least once daily.

Phone: 0419 716 171


P.O. Box 1170 
Craigieburn   VIC  3064

Request for Support

Parents Victoria can provide advice and support and/or make enquiry on your behalf with the school, DET or Government in regards to your matter.  

We need to know :

  1. The background to the matter (what happened)
  2. Individuals within DET/Government/organisations/agencies who you have contacted
  3. The current status
  4. Your desired outcome (what would be reasonable actions taken by the School or DET to sort the situation). 
Please complete our online Request for Support form (below).  
This will allow us to assess how best we might assist you. The form asks for comprehensive details of your issue - we have found from experience that it saves time in the long run if we have this information up-front. 
When responding you are welcome to attach copies of relevant correspondence, however, we do still require a summary of key points via the form.  
We may need to ask further questions for clarification. 

You will note the form also asks for your permission before Parents Victoria will discuss the matter with relevant individuals or organisations.


Request for Support form

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Please enter a valid email address.

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Relationship to student*
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Government school name*
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If you don't wish to disclose the school at this point, type "x" in this box.


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You can find your region on the DET website Opens in new tab. Type the school name in the first box, click Search, then View Details

Student name*
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If you don't wish to disclose the student's name at this point, type "x" in this box.

Student year level*
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Does the student have a special needs diagnosis?*

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Pleave give details of the special needs diagnosis.*
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Is special needs funding available? Please give details*
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Concise "dot point" explanation of the key issues or concerns of the original matter/complaint. *
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Steps you have undertaken to resolve or progress (In date order where possible please.)*
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Current status of issue/s or concern/s*
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Relevant document 1 (optional)
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Relevant document 2 (optional)
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Your desired outcome*
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It is important that Parents Victoria understands your expectations

Have you previously discussed or met with representative/s from DET (Department of Education) or any other organisations / agencies about this matter? *

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Whom did you contact and where are they located? (i.e. DET Regional Office or DET Central Office, Agency name).*
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Does Parents Victoria have your permission to discuss your matter with a third party e.g. DET?*

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Does Parents Victoria have your permission to confidentially disclose you / your family name, school name etc in the above discussions if needed? *

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Please note that removing your name/school name information can sometimes inhibit PV's effectiveness to liaise with people who are key to the matter.

Does your school have an active Parent Club?*

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(Sometimes called a Parent Association, PFA, PTF, P&F, Friends of...)

Are you a member of your school's Parent Club?*

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How did you hear about Parents Victoria?
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