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Collective Conversation on Consent – Conference 2021

Warning: these videos include discussion of sexual assault. 

Our ‘Collective Conversation on Consent’ was introduced and facilitated by Debbie Ollis.

Debbie is an Associate Professor in Education at Deakin University where she teaches and researches in the fields of gender, respectful relationships and sexuality education.

Debbie has worked in the health and sexuality education field for over 30 years as a secondary school teacher, policy officer, curriculum consultant, curriculum writer, teacher educator and researcher. She has co-authored two national frameworks in the area and written curriculum resources for state and federal governments.

Extra resources

Debbie recommends these videos, as mentioned in her presentation:

Chanel Contos

Chanel Contos is a sexual assault activist, tutor and postgraduate student currently undertaking a Masters of Education, Gender and International Development and International Global Studies at the University College of London.

Chanel shot into the public domain in February of 2021 after seeding the ‘Teach Us Consent’ movement in Australia which has inspired an ongoing national conversation around consent and the lack of education on the topic in schools.

Extra resource

As a follow-up to her discussion about pornography, Chanel recommends this article from NZ site Netsafe: “Advice on how to talk to your child about porn”.

Katrina Marson

(This video also includes Debbie Ollis’ summary to close the Collective Conversation on Consent)

Katrina Marson is a lawyer and an advocate for Relationships & Sexuality Education.

She graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 2012. She majored in Gender Studies in her Arts Degree, and her Law Honours thesis argued that the criminal justice system fails to reduce the incidence of unwanted sexual experiences for young Australians, compared to preventative education methods which are more effective.

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