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Covid school closures: PV comment

The Age has published an article today about a recent report that criticised Australia’s widespread school closures. According to the article, “The review of Australia’s COVID-19 response found it was wrong to close schools en masse, particularly when they weren’t seen as high-transmission environments.” Parents Victoria’s CEO, Gail McHardy was approached by the Age for

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Our election ‘school lunch order’

Food for thought – here’s our ‘school lunch order’ for the coming State Election. Here’s what we’d like to see for the future of Victorian education. We’ll be asking the parties contesting the election: can you fill our order? Download our Election ‘school lunch order’

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Support for disadvantaged students: PV media comment

The Age reports today on the surge in requests for assistance from State Schools’ Relief – a charity that provides school essentials to disadvantaged students. According to the article, “State Schools’ Relief said student requests for items such as school uniforms, dongles and headphones had grown by more than a quarter during the pandemic.” Parents

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Masks in schools – PV opinion article

An opinion article by Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy was published in today’s Age. Gail’s article focuses on the need for schools and families to have strong relationships and work together to face the challenges of the pandemic. The State Government’s decision to ask (but not mandate) school students over 8 years old to wear

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Masks in schools – PV media comment

Both the Herald-Sun and the Age have reported this morning that Victorian school students over the age of eight are being ‘asked’ to wear masks indoors, although mask-wearing is still not mandatory. According to the Age report, “A letter outlining the mask advice change — signed by the heads of the state, independent and Catholic

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New Covid/flu wave in schools: PV media comment

PV Chief Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in a recent Herald-Sun article about predictions of a wave of Covid and flu affecting schools in Term 3. According to the article, “Schools are expecting a school holiday Covid and flu wave to leave classrooms half full as term three returns on Monday… and a spike

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