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AI in schools – PV media comment

An article in today’s Age highlights the emerging issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools.

Under the headline “Schools warned off AI-generated student reports and newsletters”, the article focuses on the newly-released Department of Education Policy on AI.

The article begins:

Victorian state school teachers and principals have been warned off using artificial intelligence software to write student reports and school newsletters under strict new rules from the state government.
Families will also be asked to opt their children in or out of any classroom learning that uses the rapidly evolving technology and might require feeding personal information about the student into an AI tool, under the Education Department’s new policy on the controversial tech in schools.

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article:

Parents Victoria chief executive Gail McHardy wants the opt-in process for AI in classes to be “very clear and in plain language” to avoid misunderstandings and said the policy on maintaining authentic learning relationships was critically important.
She urged the government and department to “tread carefully” with innovations such as AI because they might have unintended consequences and said the policy should be adapted as technologies evolved.
“Some parents are fully aware this was all coming when the federal education minister made announcements late last year, but how it will work at the school level will all depend on how schools engage with it,” she said.

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Read the Department of Education policy on AI

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