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Baby Photos

How about running a ‘baby photos of the staff’ competition for your school?  Entry can be a gold coin and the baby photos of the staff are put up on a big board.  Students fill in an entry form to see who wins. A great way to bring the students and teachers together, while also […]

Car Boot Sale as a fundraiser

 A Car Boot Sale can be a fun way to raise some money. Thanks to Mandy from Fundraising Directory for these tips: Make certain you have relevant permits – if you’re planning to hold the car boot sale outside the school grounds, check with  your council. Charge a fixed amount per car and let your families […]

Quick and easy fundraisers

Our friend Mandy at Fundraising Directory has put together a list of quick and easy fundraisers that you can get underway without too much fuss: 5 cent Challenge – Very easy to set up with very little outlay and a nice easy way to kick off the year. More details on Mandy’s website. Guessing games – Games like ‘how […]