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ABC Online has created some wonderful resources for parents struggling to deal with COVID-19 and its impact on their children - and themselves.

From well-known parenting educator and author Maggie Dent:

'Short & Curly' kids ethics podcast

  • Bonus episode all about COVID-19. Hosts Carl Smith and Matt Beard talk about the importance of cooperation during the pandemic, how social isolation is doing something for the greater good and looking at fun things you can do if you are home from school.

'Mindfully' podcast

  • Mindfully, The ABC's mindfulness podcast is re-packaging some of the meditations they've released from previous series as part of a special series they're calling Corona Calm. The meditations cover everything from dealing with anxiety to one specifically for children. They're releasing one per week for the next 8 weeks. Here's the first one


ABC Online has created some wonderful resources for parents struggling to deal with COVID-19 and its impact on their children.

From well-known parenting educator and author Maggie Dent:

Short & Curly kids ethics podcast

  • Bonus episode all about COVID-19. Hosts Carl Smith and Matt Beard talk about the importance of cooperation during the pandemic, how social isolation is doing something for the greater good and looking at fun things you can do if you are home from school.


Why are most schools still open, when there are so many restrictions on gatherings in other places?

This article in today's Age goes through the arguments for and against, and explains why Australia's federal and state governments unanimously agree that schools should remain open for now. 

The Age reports today that some schools are running low on toilet paper, soap, hand sanitiser and cleaning products.

The Education Department has advised Parents Victoria that:

  • The Department is aware of the current challenges facing supply of personal hygiene products like toilet paper, soap and hand sanitiser.
  • Schools should continue to try and source cleaning products through their usual channels.
  • Schools have already been advised that if they cannot source products in this way, they should contact the Department and they will be supplied directly.
  • The Department is providing its first delivery of additional hand sanitiser to schools tomorrow, with further deliveries to follow.
  • The Department has already secured a further 10,000 units of hand sanitiser which will be arriving Friday for distribution.

The Age contacted Parents Victoria for comment on the impact of coronavirus in schools.

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy's comments were published in the Age article on 13 March.

Gail said it was sensible to keep schools open for now. She said:

“If it’s inevitable that school is going to be disrupted at some stage, they will call it when the public health officers call it,” 

Read the full article on the Age website

Minister for Education James Merlino said today (13 March):

“If a school is closed, I want to assure all parents, teachers will be working remotely and available and in contact with their students to minimise the disruption to learning as much as possible,” Mr Merlino said. "Online and offline delivery options will be available and can be tailored to individual schools, and to different age groups of students.”



Parents Victoria recently met with the CEO of Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) to exchange thoughts and ideas and discuss the work and priorities of both organisations.   SAKG has shared this article from a former student who participated in the SAKG program.

Hi, I am Alexandra McArthur and I went to North Melbourne Primary School. North Melbourne Primary School runs the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program which is a part of the school curriculum from year 3 to 6. As a part of the Program we had a massive garden that was looked after and taken care of by the Preps to Grade 2. The garden was full of fresh vegetables that we used in our cooking. The point of the garden is to teach the younger year levels about vegetables, how to grow them and how to take care of them, but for the older year levels the garden was used as a fresh food source for their cooking. I had 1 Kitchen Garden teacher for all 3 years, and her name was Sam. Sam was very passionate about teaching us about health and balanced diets, she took every opportunity she could to teach the class about the food we were eating. Sam always tried to use as many vegetables from the school garden as possible.

How it works

After our class harvested the ingredients from the garden, we had 2 hours to cook the recipes for the day. Everyone was split into groups and every group cooked different meals. At the end of the lesson, we sat at our tables and shared all the delicious and fresh food we made. My favourite thing about the Program is when we got to sit down at the end, and eat the food you freshly made with your friends and teachers. The best thing about eating the food with everyone is that the dishes that are made in the Program are always delicious and seasonal. From this Program not only have I have learnt about a healthy balanced diet, but I have also learnt that healthy eating can be exciting and delicious.

The benefits

I am now in year 8 at Wesley College and I think that the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program has taught me to branch out and try new things. During this program we made food that had ingredients that we didn’t like in them, but Sam always said you must try everything we made because you never know if you will like the food cooked this way or in this meal. What amazed me and the other students in my class was that the food was generally amazing, and we loved it. If it wasn’t for this program and Sam, I think that I would have gone a massive amount of time avoiding the foods that I didn’t like, instead I was impressed by the food and trying it in a new way. Now I enjoy cooking and baking at home for my family.

Next year I go off to Clunes with my school and this means I will be away from home for a term. We have to live with friends and do everything ourselves including food shopping, cooking and cleaning but I think that the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has prepared me.

Business hours

For media enquiries, call:

  • Gail McHardy (Executive Officer) 0413 589 627


For media enquiries, please SMS Gail McHardy on 0413 589 627 with your name, outlet, topic and deadline.



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We need to know :

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