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$160 per head graduation: PV media comment

The Age has reported on a a controversy about the cost of a graduation ceremony at a public high school.

The article begins: “A public school in Melbourne’s south-east is accused of being tone-deaf to cost-of-living pressures after charging $160 per person to attend a year 12 valedictory graduation dinner.”

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article, as follows:

Parents Victoria said the ticket price could mean families have to choose who can attend the milestone event based on money…
Parents Victoria chief executive officer Gail McHardy said all schools should be mindful of event costs in the current economic climate to ensure occasions were accessible to all students.
“For some families, this price per person will not be affordable,” she said. “Some students may not have family or their invited guest in attendance to celebrate their end of secondary schooling if they deem the cost too high.”
McHardy said the school also needed to consider the other costs associated with formal events, such as outfits, limousines, hairstyling, and professional makeup.
“There will be households that will struggle with the costs and decision to pay for these events,” she said.

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