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Parents at Parkwood Secondary College are angry they were not consulted before the school council unanimously voted to close the high school in Melbourne's eastern suburbs at the end of the year.   The Age August 1, 2012

Parents Victoria yesterday passed a motion at its Annual General Meeting calling for the religion classes to be moved outside the normal school day.  The Age August 4, 2012 Parents Victoria President, Sharron Healy quoted

Proposed cuts to education welfare payments will mean more than 100,000 of Victoria's poorest children will receive less financial support than students 10 years ago.  Melbourne Weekly, July 3, 2012.  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted.

Gail also followed up with a posting to the Melbourne Weekly site as follows:

"Can't seem to get the message across that EMA payments have reduced not increased over the years for families.  Families have to be deemed eligible for this assistance and yet the same government who approve the payment have reduced support overall and worse now want to redirect some of it from the needy to the neediest.  Wake up Victoria and realise what is happening to our most vulnerable members of our community and why do children and families have to be the target of budget cuts?"

Public school teachers need parent and community support in their campaign for a fair deal 

Send a message to Premier Baillieu

Victorian school principals fear that planned changes to the education system will burden them with administrative tasks.  Melbourne Weekly June 13, 2012  Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy quoted.


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