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Resources for Parents Clubs

The following paragraph is taken from the Department of Education website:

"Parents and school staff are partners in children's education.  By interacting with the school and other parents, parent club members gain a first hand understanding of how schools operate and the rhythm of school life.  Parents participating in a school's parent club can use, and build on, their skills and confidence, develop friendships and work collaboratively with other parents interested in supporting the school."


Parents Victoria can assist to establish or re-invigorate a parent club at your school.

The Department of Education guidelines can be viewed here.


Education Minister Peter Garrett says "It is not fair to just rely on schools to do the heavy lifting'.  The Safe Schools Hub shows how we can provide safe schools with strong community ties.



Bully Stoppers supports parents, teachers and  principals in working together to make sure schools are safe and supportive places, where everyone is empowered to help reduce the incidence of bullying in all Victorian schools.  Parents Victoria met with DEECD staff to review and give feedback into Bully Stoppers resources.


1.  icon School Attendance Position Statement.  

A new section to inform on Parents Victoria's policy on specific items of current interest or discussion.  We will also 'flag' available opportunities to provide feedback to submissions and inquiries.

"Parent clubs can help encourage family engagement in student learning and promote a sense of community in schools."  DEECD magazine article  Positive parental involvement by Caroline Reidy, August 2012.

National Symposium - May 2012  Attended by Parents Victoria's President, Sharron Healy and Executive Officer, Gail McHardy   

Read about the Symposium and view presentations

Tuesday May 8, 2012

 VSCA Expo and Seminar

"The power of people - striving, reviving and thriving"

Caulfield Racecourse


'ANY QUESTIONS' is a resource for parents and young people with the aim of helping them know their options throughout secondary college and to really encourage them to ask questions to their local 'experts' i.e. VCAL coordinators, career teachers etc at their school. 

'ANYMORE QUESTIONS' is also a resource for parents and young people.  It aims to show that there are options outside of school - either as a whole program or in conjunction with school.  School is the best place for most young people, however on the occasions that it isn't, it is helpful to be informed and again to know what to ask questions about.

These DVDs are produced by the Frankston Mornington Peninsula LLEN (Local Learning and Employment Network).  View the DVD's from the FMPLlen website home page.


This section includes resources to help Parents Clubs promote themselves to their school communities.


All new members will receive access to the Parents Victoria online Members Toolkit, with their membership receipt. 

The Toolkit contains a number of folders containing Proformas and Tip Sheets which we hope will be useful to your Club.

Tip Sheets Include:

  • Resources (includes DEECD websites, statutory authority websites etc.)
  • Choosing a School
  • Public Speaking
  • Parent Club Participation
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Complaints
  • Parents Club Constitutions
  • Fundraising
  • Finances
  • Assault

Proformas include:

  • Minutes of Meeting
  • School Council Report
  • Parent Club News Update
  • Record of Monies Collected
  • Annual General Meeting

All Parent Clubs must ensure they have a Ministerially approved constitution, which is consistent with the current Education Regulations .

If you're not sure whether your Club has an approved constitution, contact the Department's Community Stakeholders Unit or the Parents Victoria office.

If your club does not have an approved constitution, you need to start working on it now!


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