Knowing their families and their cultural beliefs around education will assist schools to engage those families in a more culturally responsive way and give all families a sense of belonging. Situate cultural strengths of family and community within the school curriculum, once identified.

Centre for Multicultural Youth resource

This CMY resource, Opening the School Gate: Engaging migrant and refugee families, provides teachers and school staff with a range of strategies to encourage parents and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds to fully participate in the educational experience of their children, first version was developed in 2006 and this updated version released 2016.

Download resource from Foundation House

Foundation House resources

The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc authored a desktop guide to support schools to enhance their capacity to engage with parents from refugee backgrounds (2015).


Download Reconciliation: A Parent Partnership from EC Ideas.

Community Conversation

From the 2017 Community Conversation sessions migrant families expressed a need / interest to understand the Australian or Victorian school system as they see this as important to being able to support their students / school.   For many, the Australian / Victorian education system is very different from their home countries and Family Engagement is a very different concept they were keen to embrace.


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