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Education Issues

Parents Victoria's Executive Officer, Gail McHardy commented to media this afternoon, November 28, that she is stunned by Minister Dixon's response this afternoon in regard to his memory of who advised him on the decision to change funding to VCAL.

Parents Victoria with other key stakeholders was part of the stakeholder reference group in 2011 and at no time were these changes discussed or debated in regards to VCAL or any vocational program.  Nor were we as a key player, the parents of the students who enrol into these programs, consulted about the Victorian Government's intention to cut funding to a program that has had a 60% growth since 2006.

Parents Victoria remains concerned for students and families affected by these ill-informed decisions because where governments don't fund then there is pressure for parents to pay the short-falls or schools cut funding to other programs or subjects, to support students.

Costs to enrol in programs then limit access based on affordability and worse, Victoria will suffer increased statistics of student disengagement and demands on social support services.

The Victorian Auditor General's Office (VAGO) report clearly states that DEECD did not collect data.  Parents Victoria welcomes VAGO recommendations, especially "improve data collection and analysis around how effective the department is in supporting schools to assist disengaged students and those at-risk of disengaging to remain at school and complete Year 12 or equivalent".

The fact remains that unless governments invest in schools nothing improves and sadly our Public Schools are being hit by cuts right, left and centre!

The Annual Victorian Student Representative Council Congress was attended by 90 delegates from independent, government and catholic schools at the weekend. The Age August 6, 2012

State Schools ReliefSSR relies solely on donations from schools, individuals and businesses.  Visit their website to see how you can help.

Its time to legislate ACSSO media release (288.03 kB) July 23, 2012

* Letter from ACSSO President, Peter Garrigan, to parents and communities at every Victorian government school re Federal Funding and Gonski Report  ACSSO Media Release re Gonski Report (106.97 kB)


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* Public School parents appeal to the Prime Minister for a fairer deal for public schools in the Gonski Review of Federal Funding    Radio Commercial (176.35 kB)


* June 3, 2012  ACSSO (Australian Council of State School Organisations) ACSSO Media Release re Gonski Report (106.97 kB) - "Gonski needs urgent action - legislation required"


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